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Let me start the conversation by saying that for the longest I've been a Captain when it comes to Rum.  Back in the old college days Captain Morgans fueled many a wild nights, and as I've aged it's served as good friend on the back deck.  I've seen many competitors on the shelves but that connection has always been strong enough for me to by pass the others and grab the old tried and true.

Emotions and connections are funny things.  They can last for years for no defined pu rpose and then in the blink of an eye be gone, or at least faded from site.  Recently I've been tested by a newcomer to the rum mix.  This is Geri Cooney verses Ali.  In today's metaphor its the New York Yankees verses the Pittsbugh Pirates.  Its the New England Patriots verses the Saints… wait a minute this ones no longer relevant.  Anyway you get the point.

The freshman in the game is none other than Sarasota's own Siesta Key Rum.

While there are many variations of rum for now things are simple with only Siesta Key White Rum available.  Long term the brand will introduce new flavors including a barrel-aged gold rum, several infused and flavored rums, and even a premium vodka.  Seems the only hurdles are time and the natural aging process …and maybe distribution, but that appears to be expanding nicely.

The company behind the rum is Drum Circle Distilling and its a family affair with distiller Troy Roberts and his father doing much of the work.  It's also a local affair as this is the Sarasota's first and only distillery.  Captain Morgan's may have a CEO and a Board of Directors behind it but Siesta Key has a passionate believer pulling the trigger.

So there I stood late on a Friday afternoon with a decision to make.  Do I stick with the tried and true or take a chance?  What the hell I went for it.  I won't bore you with discussing how it impacted my pallet or with how it smelled.  I mixed my drink and enjoyed it and another while celebrating the end of a long week.  Besides the taste I like the thought of drinking a rum named after my favorite beach.  I like that I'm supporting a local David as he battles Goliath.  And I liked it enough that I'll replenish my stash when its gone.

Siesta Key Rum is just getting started but they look to be around for a while.  Take a visit to their website,, to learn more about them.  Also be sure to check out their events page to see when they host their next Rum tasting event.  Finally be sure to view the "Where to Purchase" page to see where you can pick up your bottle.